We understand that you're here to see a detailed pricing structure...

… and that cost is a crucial aspect of your decision-making process.

To be honest, this page doesn’t contain a straightforward pricing chart, as we tailor our packages to match your specific requirements.

Our experts will take the time to understand your current set-up, where we can add value, and how best we’ll fit. Then create a proposal that will give you the best value and that you’ll be comfortable with.

However, we appreciate that you may need additional information before making a pricing inquiry. The best way to get this is to see a live demo.

Keep reading to see how our pricing works and the clients we serve.

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We have a few different products to support different areas of your street works operation.

Each one has a separate licence so you’re not tied into a package. 

You can see them by clicking on the Products link above.

Unrestricted Access

Skewb Opus doesn’t come with a number of seats or users. 

Once you have our product you can choose who has access and at what level, from colleagues in your organisation to partners who support you in the field, it’s your choice. 


The products compliment each other but are stand-alone. 

They can work with your existing set up, replace it completely or integrated into work management systems. The way you work with them is up to you. 

You're in good company

The UK’s leading utility businesses choose Opus to simplify and optimise their street works planning and delivery.

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