Raising fault-free street works permits just became a no brainer

Easily raise and manage compliant Street Works Permits with minimal training.

Opus Workbench

Opus Workbench is a cloud-based platform connected to the DfT’s Street Manager system designed to ensure right first time, every time permit. Better for customers, better for costs, better for everyone. 


So easy, it's a snap

So simple to use, you’ll gain a 50% increase in the speed and accuracy of permit applications. Raise and manage permits with minimal training and without any specialist knowledge of the system, using Red Book-aligned workflows and One.Network connections built in.


Fingers Snapping
Happy Workmen

Up to 40% lower costs

More effective planning with inbuilt controls and guided workflows means more accurate permit applications with fewer errors on the ground.


Work Packages made simple

Nothing is missed. Automatic generation increases accuracy and ensures adherence to all elements of the permit.



Work Packages

Why choose Opus Workbench?

Street Works Experts

Built by street works professionals for street works professionals

Intuitive Interface

Simple, logical user interface design for anyone to use.

Minimal Training

Get up and running without specialist knowledge or training

Connected System

Integrated with Street Manager and One.Network systems to ensure full alignment

Opus Workbench allows us to efficiently manage our Street Works Administration requirements, improving our Highways Authority Engagements by raising Permits that are right first time combined with and with an easy-to-use system, which underpins a very complex requirement.

You're in good company

The UK’s leading utility businesses choose Opus to simplify and optimise there street works planning and delivery.

See for yourself

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